Our Dental Technology

Digital X-Rays

At Halo Dental, digital X-rays are utilized to capture precise images of teeth and gums quickly and safely. This technology minimizes radiation exposure while providing instant, clear images for accurate diagnosis. Digital X-rays enable the efficient detection of issues such as cavities, bone loss, and impacted teeth, facilitating timely treatment. Patients experience a streamlined and comfortable diagnostic process, enhancing their overall dental care experience.

Dental Sensors

Dental sensors enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort. These compact devices, placed inside the mouth, capture detailed images of teeth and surrounding structures. The use of dental sensors allows for quick, real-time imaging, aiding in the early detection of dental issues. Patients benefit from a non-invasive, efficient procedure that ensures precise treatment planning and better oral health outcomes.


The iTero scanner offers a seamless way to create digital impressions of teeth. This handheld device captures highly accurate 3D images, eliminating the need for traditional molds. The iTero system enhances the planning and execution of treatments such as Invisalign and crowns, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients. The technology provides a detailed view of the oral structure, facilitating personalized and effective dental care.


The VELscope system enhances the detection of oral abnormalities. This device emits a safe blue light that highlights changes in the tissues of the mouth, aiding in the early identification of oral cancer and other conditions. The VELscope examination is quick and painless, providing valuable insights that support proactive and comprehensive oral health management.


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is integrated into the diagnostic arsenal, offering detailed 3D images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths, and bone. This imaging technology is essential for precise treatment planning in complex cases such as dental implants, root canals, and orthodontics. CBCT scans provide comprehensive views that enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of dental procedures.

3D Panoramic

3D panoramic imaging captures comprehensive views of the entire mouth in a single image. This technique is particularly useful for assessing jaw structure, teeth alignment, and sinus conditions. The 3D panoramic system allows for thorough evaluations, aiding in the diagnosis and planning of various dental treatments. Patients benefit from a straightforward and informative imaging process that contributes to better overall dental care.

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