Our Technology

At Halo Dental, we are committed to being on the cutting edge of dentistry, so we are continually incorporating state-of-the-art technologies in our practice. This allows New Westminster dentist, Dr. Sushma Bajaj, to provide her patients with the most innovative care, detecting oral health concerns early, customizing treatments and implementing treatment plans precisely, for optimal results.

Investing in dental technology results in an improved dental experience, for everything from a regular cleaning and checkup to more complex diagnostic and restorative procedures. Our patient-centered dental focus means that we demand the best for our patients. Using advanced dental software, we streamline the appointment check-in and checkout procedure, ensuring that you do not have to wait long before your appointment. Then, during your appointment, we use our sophisticated dental equipment to improve your experience, ensuring your comfort and safety, as well as speeding up the treatment process. Our cutting-edge technology includes:

  • Intraoral Cameras:
  • This diagnostic equipment is highly advanced and it allows both you and Dr. Sushma Bajaj to clearly see up close the inside of your mouth. With this handheld camera, we can zoom in on a problem tooth, and you can see the resulting images on a television monitor, so that you can be an involved participant in your treatment.
  • Digital Impressions:
  • This cutting edge technology allows Bajaj to display a virtual, computer-generated model of the inside of your mouth. The resulting impressions are extremely accurate, generated quickly, and are used to create precision restorations.
  • Digital Radiographs:
  • This modern form of x-ray imaging creates images using electronic sensors, rather than traditional film, and transmitting the images to a computer instantly. It is highly efficient, quick,comfortable, and accurate, as well as reducing the level of radiation to which patients are exposed.
  • Before and After:
  • For a preview of your treatment results, simulated before and after photographs can be viewed on a computer.
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