Hygiene Services

Perhaps the most fundamental reason to visit your dentist, regular dental exams and professional cleanings are key elements for maintaining oral health.  At Halo Dental, our complete dental hygiene services focus on preventative care to preserve your healthy teeth and gums, as well as ensuring that you have all of the knowledge and tools to effectively manage your oral care at home, between dentist visits.

Dental Hygiene Services

During your dental visits, New Westminster dentist, Dr. Sushma Bajaj, will assess your oral health, checking your teeth for decay and your gums for periodontal disease, as well as screening for oral cancer.  If necessary, treatment will be recommended to deal with developing issues at their earliest stages and return your teeth and gums to optimal health.  Our hygiene services include:

At Halo Dental, our well-trained, capable and experienced dental hygienists care for your teeth and gums and help you develop the most beneficial oral hygiene habits, so that you can maintain your beautiful, healthy smile.

To book your hygiene appointment, or inquire about our New Westminster dental hygiene services, please call our office at 604.544.8875 or use our quick online form

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